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Ask Dr. Varma About Present orders & Disorders. After Analysis, guidelines of treatment & Health will be suggested.

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An Appeal to Naturopath:

Pioneer of Naturopathy in India, Mahatma Gandhi fought for not just freedom of nation but for independence. Independence in context of each human being, so he put forward concept of "Buniyadi Taleem" which enable every man an independent entity. Regarding health he emphasize on prevention matter and if treatment is necessary, he advocate for Naturopathy.
Today pharmaceutical industry is one of the wealthiest businesses; margin of profit is on higher side. Their interest is in curing the disease. The money spent on curing the disease is much more than the money spent on prevention of disease. That is why each day, a new higher antibiotic is introduced in market, side by side new diseases appear, and old diseases become more prevalent. One example is TB, which is becoming fatal. Death from IHD and D.M. are on rise. Money and life both are on the stake.
Other than some acute diseases most of diseases can be prevented. One should describe to his patient causes of diseases and the prevention take to control the spreading of disease. Elaborate force must be kept behind educating the people about health rather than disease. The common trend is to write prescription and explain how to take medicine and also some hints are given about diet. The result is, disease turning to chronic, case file becoming thick, pocket becoming light day by day because root cause of disease is neglected in most of chronic disease like Arthritis Diabetes, Cardiac disease, Tuberculosis, Liver disease etc. The basic principle of change in life style is overlooked.
In most Naturopathy center various chronic disease are treated successfully without medicine, but it has been seen that particular patient suffering from that particular disease again came with same complaints. This is failure of Naturopath and Naturopathy. So this is humble appeal to all Naturopaths that try to eradicate the ignorance about disease in the masses. Don't make them dependent on a drugless therapy. Don't make Naturopathy, a drugless industry.
Try to make it a lifestyle, which make every individual having good state of mind and body.




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