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  Logic of life according to nature

  Basic Component of life

  Definition of Naturopathy

  Principles of Naturopathy

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   What Is Naturopathy  
           Definition of Naturopathy

Naturopathy indeed is knowledge to treats diseases without using any drug and naturopathy indeed is knowledge of living healthy and improving longevity by conserving body energy.
To understand naturopathy it is important to understand
  The word naturopathy
  Logic of life according to nature
  Basic component of living organism and its function
Naturopathy is known word in different parts of human population by different names.
Synonyms for naturopathy are:

ature cure in English spoken parts.
Kudrati chiktsa kudrat (Arabic or Urdu word) for nature, and chiktsa means method or to live near of, means to live near nature (law).
Nisargopchar-Nisarg_a word for nature or to originate from nature; upchar means modality and to live near of.
Prakrutik chiktsa- prakruti is word for nature in Hindi; chiktsa is word for knowing pathogenesis and arranging treatment.
These are customary meaning of naturopathy but scientifically (biochemical and bio physical) naturopathy supports regularization of metabolic process and excretion of waste material in body, therefore helps in maintenance of homeostasis.
Instead of drugs, physical and chemical properties of water, mud and air are utilized as treatment modality. Concept of space and heat gradient are other treatment modality.


So Nisargopachar means
  Originated from nature.
  Near to nature or to abide to law of nature.
   Treatment modalities are based on natural resources.


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Logic of life according to nature
  Origin of Life

According to big bang theory, it is believed that Universe begins 15 to 20 billions years ago in an explosion which created all the atoms of Universe.
The gases condensed to form the Stars and Planets. Sun is formed by nuclear fusion.
Initially Earth was like molten lava, as it began to cool, the crust formed and volcanic activity oozes out material and water vapors in to the air. Cooling of land and condensation of water vapor leads to rain for millions of years and surface of earth was covered by water- the primordial sea. Thus condition becomes favorable for beginning of life.
First life arose in primordial sea. It was the simplest creature, unicellular organism. These organisms extract energy from organic compound or from sunlight and used to make more complex biomolecules from simplest elements and compounds on earth surface.

   Nature nurture

Earth is only known habitat centre for living organism till today.

The unique position of earth in solar system is responsible for nourishment of living organism.

Rotation of earth on its own axis and its revolution around sun causes diurnal effect, (day and night) and seasonal changes on living habitat of earth.

The effect of motion on its axis and around the sun is apparent an important factor for living. This motion is responsible for climatic and diurnal changes.

Living organisms perceived the changes by change in temperature, pressure, and various forces. Beside this every living organism has its own specific temperature, pressure, and forces.

The individual temperature, pressure, and forces are maintained and control by routes and impulse of ingestions and excretion (Hunger, thirst, sleep etc.).

Hunger, thirst, sleep are influenced by change in temperature and pressure of surrounding, nature.
To yearn and to survive we change our living style according to change in temperature of external environment, because extreme condition like hot or cold are life threatening to living organism.
Moving away from extremes of condition and excretion of waste material formed in process of energy transformation is essential function to protect our self.
We use various electric gadgets and conventional remedies to response the changes in temperature in nature surrounding us.
The surface temperature of body rises and falls with temperature of surrounding.
We drape accordingly to the temperature surrounding us for maintaining body temperature.
Eatables and potables on which we grow are the part of our nature or surrounding.
Our food and beverages changes according to change in nature so internal constitute of our body is in contact with the nature surrounding us.
It is not that we totally only take and take but we give something in return to nature. Living organism exchanges both energy and matter to the universe.
We give away co2 when we release the breath.
We throw certain ions in universe by urination and defecation, sweating.
The matters, which are waste for us, are precursors of energy in nature or another organism.

Some of these organisms are unhealthy to us, so we maintain the hygienic condition surrounding us.
In primitive age man was close to nature. His activities were strictly confined to the rules of nature. Man in that period was stronger physically and mentally than today. His needs, desire facilitate civilization.
In endeavor of civilization he drifted away from nature.
Apart from physical needs he nourishes greed, anger, jealous, hate, etc. which leads to physical and mental distress and diseases.

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Basic Component of life

The simplest living organism is cell.
Living organisms are composed of lifeless molecules.
They are alike in physical and chemical nature to inanimate matter.
Living organisms are distinguished from inanimate matter by
  Degree of chemical complexity and organizations.
  They extract transform and use energy from their surrounding.
  Their capacity of precise self-replication and self-assembly.
     Human body is made up of 75 trillions cells.
 Group of cells alike in structure and behavior are called tissue.
 Organs are made of tissue.
 Intricate work carried in particular order are said to be system.
 The most important characteristic of living organism is they extract transform and use  energy from their surrounding. In physiological word this process is called metabolism.
 Metabolism is a word use in science for making of energy in cells.
 To derive energy cells have to spend some energy for it. By coupling the energy more  work is done by loosing less energy.
 The energy conservation is important for metabolism and replication of the cell.
 Faster the metabolism faster is the wear and tear process of the cell.
 To regulate the smooth metabolism cells are endowed with feedback mechanism.
There are two types of feedback mechanism viz. positive and negative.
Out of this negative feedback mechanism is life saving one.
Cells require constant temperature and pressure for its proper function.
The ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes is homeostasis.
For survival living habitat are dependent on environment surrounding them. This phenomenon implies to cell also. 
Cells are dependent on nutrient surrounding them.
Cells are surrounded by extracellular fluid.
This extracellular fluid is composed of large amount of sodium, chloride and bicarbonate ions plus nutrients for cells such as oxygen, glucose, fatty acids and amino acids.
The extra cellular fluid is called as internal environment.
The maintenance of nearly constant condition in internal environment is called homeostasis.
In process of energy transform and utilization some waste particles are formed.
If they are not thrown in particular time they disturb static condition of internal environment.
Ingestion assimilation and excretion are key factors in human physiology.


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Principles of Naturopathy

 8 Naturopathy is science that deals with treating the disease, using inbuilt capacity of body of balancing homeostasis condition by maintaining equilibrium between addition of substance and removal of substance:

Disease is disturbance in homeostasis condition of body.

Principles behind achieving the health are to restore the original set point of sensor system of homeostatic condition by regulating diet and excreting the solid, liquid and gaseous particle.
 8 Correction of addition and removal are based on laws of physiology.
Ingestion and excretion both affect the internal environment of cell.
Ingestion depends on physiological needs of nutrients and ions. This need is expressed by hunger and thirst.
Waste particles and ions are excreted by excretory system. Urination, evacuation, tears, yawning, semen ejaculation, flatulence, vomiting, sneeze, burping, Sweating, and exhalation are process of excretion. These are corrected by maintaining thermoregulation, osmoregulation and glucoregulation.
 8 Modalities used for treatment are natural occurring. (Water, air and mud)
Media of heat loss are air and water. Water has high specific heat several thousand times as great as that of air so that each unit portion of water adjacent to skin can absorbs far greater quantity of heat than can air.
In addition conductivity of water for heat is markedly high in comparison with that of air. Conduction of heat transfer is more in mud application.
Water is main medium of treatment in naturopathy because of its characteristic of, absorption of body heat.
 8 Concepts used for treatment are based on natural law of thermodynamics.
Temperature is main theme of life.
Heat constantly is produced for various cellular and physical work including growth and replication.
To maintain body temperature at certain point there should be balance in heat  production and heat loss. 
The rate of heat production is determined by

Basal rate of metabolism of all cells of body.

Increase in rate of metabolism caused by muscle activity.

Increase in metabolism caused by effect of thyroxin on cell.

Increase in metabolism caused by epinephrine and nor epinephrine & sympathetic stimulation of cells.

Increase in metabolism caused by increase metabolism of body cells.

Methods of heat loss are Radiation, conduction, convection and evaporation.
    Radiationif temperature of body is greater than temperature of surrounding, a greater quantity of heat is radiated from the body.
  Conduction direct conduction of body from surface of body to other object such as chair or bed in minute as compared to loss of heat by conduction to air. If the air is colder than skin heat is lost by molecule of skin of body until temperature of air immediately adjacent to skin equal the temperature of skin.
  Convection - the removal of heat from the body by convection air current is heat loss by convection. Heat is convected away to air and then carried away by convection current. Water is more effective than air for convection and conduction of heat.
  Evaporation some heat is lost by skin and lungs by evaporation. As long as skin temperature is greater than temperature of surrounding heat is lost by radiation and conduction but when temperature of surrounding is greater than temperature of skin gain heat by conduction and radiation instead of loosing heat.
 8 Prevention is better than cure:
Positive feedback mechanism and negative feedback mechanism are control system of body in response to any change perceived by body.
If the set point of system remains normal, onus on control mechanism will remain not as much of that as it is in state of development of disease.
Proper addition and proper removal take away the onus from control mechanism
Fewer burdens on control system, fewer are the chance of developing systemic disease.
Naturopathy teaches what proper addition is and how proper removal is supported.
Some diseases are born of various organisms like bacteria, viruses.
These organisms had chemicals that are harmful for body. These are toxins. Body had certain capacity that detects the foreign particles and makes a chemical or takes the action that nullifies the effect.
This is immune system. They are of two types: innate and acquired.
Body is endowed with lymphoid tissues, which are main template of defense mechanism.
Diet regulation, proper physical work (exercise, asanas and yoga) and treatment modalities of naturopathy particularly hydrotherapy abets improvement in defense mechanism.  
8 Development of self-reliance.
Self-reliance is to be self determined about your self.
For having self-reliance it is necessary to have positive approach in yourself.
To chuck out of psychological disorder (Desire, Greed, Anger, self centeredness, egotism etc) and addiction (drinks, tobacco, tea, etc.) it is essential to have strength of motivation, which is achieved by having positive approach in yourself.

Positive attitude or negative attitude is innate sentiments of person, which is inflated by personal, social, environmental reason.

Hormones and chemicals stimulated by treatment methods like cold therapy, hot therapy and enema helps in regulating hypothalamic pituitary axis.
The HPA axis is involved in the neurobiology of mood disorders and functional illnesses, including anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and addiction like alcoholism etc.  Changes ensue by any cause are reflected as change in chemicals and hormones.
Diet regulation and yogasan pranayam is one factor for developing strength.
But main key for developing self-reliance is enhancing good moral values and keeping faith in your endeavor
or duty, without concern of results.



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