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Nisargopchar Kendra, Dhule was established in 1958 under Public Trust Act 1950, Registration No.F-37 (W.K.), under Societies Registration Act-1860, Reg. No.: BOM/60/W.K. as a charitable trust.

In the mainstay of the foundation of hospital were Damodardasji Mundhra and Bansilalji Gindodia.

Dr.B.Venkatrao from Hyderabad (AP) was instrumental support in it.

But the person without whom the hospital may have not started or had not breath was Dr.Devendranath Varma.


When started in 1958 it was in rented premises at Hanuman Villa. Owner Hanumandasji Gindodia was kind enough to waive the rent.

A generous farmer Kanhaiyalal Dalwale donated his three acre land for hospital. In 1971 hospital shifted to new own place, where it is at present.

It wasnt equipped with basic amenities like pucca verandah and tap water. Proper arrangement of treatment was in makeshift arrangement.

It was nourished by dedication and sacrifice of Dr.Devendranath Varma.

He always tries to reach up to the every man in need.

In 1982 a separate treatment block was build by collected donation.

Doshi family fulfills their commitment in 1994 by construction of a block of two rooms.

Infrastructure was limited at hand of Dr.Varma but he was endowed of brilliant capacity to implement natural laws and natural sources for treatment.


Dr. Devendranath Varma
1933 - 2001

Dr. Shailkumari D. Varma
1937 - 2001

Dr. Devendranath Varma                                                          

Dr. Devendranath Varma born on Apr.3.1933 in village Hardatta (Amba) of district Aurangabad Bihar.

He completed primary and middle school education in Amba. After completing study he joined Railway service. Mahatma Gandhis thought of Sarvodaya engrossed him. He regularly visited seminars of Sarvodaya. There he was introduced to "Kudrati Upchar" i.e. Naturopathy.

He was enthralled by naturopathy as healing system and as life style. He consider naturopathy as tool of independence in economical and social aspect for common people.His elder brother Mr. Kedarnath Varma recognizes his ardor of social service and encourages him to join Ramakrishna Prakruti Ashram, Bhimavaram (A.P.).for proper training of naturopathy. The Ramakrishna Prakruti Ashram was reputed naturopathy centre.

 He quit his Railway service and with his wife, Dr. Shail Kumari Varma joins Ram Krishna Prakruti Ashram. In Ashram they witness Dr.Begiraju Krishamraju treating many incurable diseases.

Dr. Begiraju Krishamraju was greatest Naturopathy of his era. He constantly tries to treat the physical and psychological illness of patient. In critical incurable patients he tries to give serene delight.        Dr. Devendranath Varma absorbs these qualities from his guru to propagate the happiness in and around people who came in his contact.

Damodardas Mundhra (then secretary of Vinoba Bhave.) meets Dr. Devendranath Varma at Ramakrishna Prakruti Ashram. He takes notice this quality of Dr. Devendranath Varma and invites them to work at Dhule.

After returning from Bhimavaram he joined Govt. service at Dhanbad. He was earning money, but his dreams were not nurtured, so he quit service as well as State. He came to Dhule in Maharashtra.

His capability of treating incurable disease, hard working, devotion towards patient and firm determination made him familiar in Dhule. In beginning, the centre was housed in rented premises. Without any financial aid from Government the centre flourish by generous public contribution, now this centre is situated on 3 acres land with modern facilities.

He always implies his knowledge for betterment of naturopathy with help of simplest available technology. Without any inequity about financial status of person, he takes care of all patients. He was not only good practitioner but social reformer too. His living was simple but thought and work extraordinary.

He got ample support from his wife Shailkumari.

Dr. Shailkumari Varma born in 1937 in Shankarpur village near Amba in Aurangabad (Bihar). After, married to Dr.Devendranath Varma, she as a true Indian wife followed the path laid by husband with husband.

She completed her training of Naturopathy in Bhimavaram.

She was always standing strong behind Dr.Varma in his every toil. In fact they both toil for brace and boost of community.


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Today hospital is spread over 3 acres land a block of eight rooms for indoor patient is in east facing road & rail track behind this, in western side is a block for treatment purpose. Adjacent to this block is a two room block which is of multipurpose use.

It is admitted that we lack of ultra modern lodging amenities but it is fact that treatment provided here is unmatched since its inception.



Dr. Ravindranath D. Varma and Dr. Anjubala R. Varma, manage Nisargopchar Kendra, Dhule with firm determination, devotion and proficiency, having same spirit and objectives in mind.
Dr Ravindranath D. Varma and Dr. Anjubala R. Varma give scientific dimensions to Naturopathy.


Dr. Anju Ravindranath Varma Dr. Ravindranath Varma
B.A.M.S. (R.D. University, Jabalpur)
Chief Consultant

B.A.M.S. (Pune University)

Graduate in BAMS from Govt. College of Ayurveda Jabalpur (MP). While study, to reap the knowledge of modern medicine, join Samadhan Hospital, Jabalpur. After completing graduation, work in as house officer for four years in same hospital.
While studying, was immensely under influence of allopathic treatment. But when came in contact with naturopathy environment gradually realizes the effectiveness of treatment and enduring principle of naturopathy.
After marriage, make the most of her intelligence apply for augment of naturopathy.
Her experience at child hospital encourages her to use naturopathy in various pediatric diseases.
The most important aspect of naturopathy is that it strikes the root cause of disease. Simplicity of pathy is that all the methods can be applied in the simplest available sources of nature.
Today this center is hope of ray for patients of various neonatal diseases. 


With determination and passion, he is offering his services to naturopathy. He is trying to give new concept to naturopathy. His aim to give new dimensions to naturopathy, by revealing scientific approaches to naturopathy.
To attain the knowledge of naturopathy h
e started working in naturopathy hospital under guidance of Dr. Devendranath Varma while studying at the age of 19 years.
Bring up in surrounding of Sarvodaya and Gandhian thought, closely observe struggle of a naturopath and realizes that eventual winner is truth and good morale. These surroundings inspired him to become a determined naturopath. Though graduated in Ayurveda system of medicine always follows naturopathy to treat the disease. Believe that naturopathy is not only a healing system but also art of life.  




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